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A lost love

Hey y’all it’s me again! Another Poetry Wednesday for you guys. For this week I will be sharing a poem of my own, it is still untitled til this day, but I will give it a title for this time being. This poem here was made earlier this year when a friend of mine asked about how I felt after getting my he Continue reading A lost love


Poetry Wednesday’s

Hello readers of World Of Actions & Reactions! Welcome back to another Poetry Wednesday! Today I will be sharing a free-write that I did recently. I wrote this free-write because during my shift at work I was hearing a group of students singing and rapping to person that created his own beats. Their topics were just vulgar and dissatisfying to the ear. All they talked about was making love to women in inappropriate ways, making money, and making fun of others who aren’t “like Continue reading Poetry Wednesday’s

Poetry Wednesday’s

Hello! I’m Jackson and I’ll be your weekly Wednesday blogger. What I really like to do is read & write poetry and spoken words. The inspiration that made me want to start writing my own pieces was because of Fong Tran, an advocate for supporting the youth to strive for higher education. And with that I’ll be sharing the poems that I read with you all, along with my initial thoughts.

Here is Continue reading Poetry Wednesday’s