A lost love

Hey y’all it’s me again! Another Poetry Wednesday for you guys. For this week I will be sharing a poem of my own, it is still untitled til this day, but I will give it a title for this time being. This poem here was made earlier this year when a friend of mine asked about how I felt after getting my heart sort of broken by someone I thought who was dear to me. Though it is unfinished, I’d like to still share some of it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this / These are the types of feelings I’d like to dismiss / Cause I know that I’ll only miss you / I’m trying so hard not to let my feelings compress you / Though I know it may be one sided / But don’t let your heart be undecided / I’d like to call you mine / I haven’t had the chance to even write this kind of rhyme / I’ve only found the little things I adore about you / So don’t let these words ever doubt you. / When i look at you I’d like to see you smile / But all I ever see is that you’re in denial / I haven’t had the chance to see that face / and I do know now that I can easily be replaced / You feel concentrated when you’re on the go / Your mind if in another place until I suspend your thoughts / Though I do want to show you off with every dance / I’d really like to take this chance / A chance to tell you what I’d like to do / Take you to places wherever I have to / It feels just right to have you in my arms / I can promise you that I’ll never be of any harm…


I do hope y’all enjoy it.



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