Poetry Wednesday’s

Welcome back! So sorry I missed out last week, but I will make up for it. Today I will be sharing a poem of my own called “Mother.” I wrote this because for these past couple of months my mother hasn’t been herself since the passing of my grandfather, her father. Everyday that goes by she’s been holding in all of her emotions and lately she has been blowing up on the family. With this poem I wanted to show you all that you should always love your mother even though she’s giving you and others a rough time.


I want you to be happy.

I never want you to cry.

You’ve made a man of me.

Though I know I’m a pain,

just know that I love you.

Couldn’t have asked for someone better,

only because you are my home.

When I leave, please, don’t cry.

I am your son, and I-

will always come home to you.

Nevertheless, I will never be alone

because you’ll always be my backbone.




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