Sitting in the Catbird Seat on a Thursday Afternoon

Hello fellow blogging enthusiasts!!

I was struggling to muster the courage to post something meaningful to me today… my lack of sleep is catching up with me.

However, FEAR NOT!!! I was looking through my small but respectable library at home (I know crazy! A physical library. Who would of thought they still existed). Anyhow… I have a book that contains vintage short stories that I go to when I need a quick read due to my busy schedule.

One short story that I have read many times before and will continue to read in the future is James Thurber’s The Catbird Seat. I am going to give you readers an excerpt from this short story and then suggest you all look into it. It leaves readers on the seat with the ambiguous finish.

What was Mr. Martin’s master plan all along. I hope you all enjoy it and are able to discuss!!

“He had never drunk anything stronger in his life–unless you could count ginger ale…It was eighteen minutes after nine when Mr. Martin turned into Twelfth Street. A man passed him, and a man and a woman talking. There was no one within fifty paces when he came to the house, halfway down the block. He was up the steps and in the small vestibule in no time, pressing the bell under the card that said ‘Mrs. Ulgine Barrows.’ When the clicking in the lock started, he umped forward against the door. He got inside fast, closing the door behind him. A bulb in a lantern hung from the hall ceiling on a chain seemed to give a monstrously bright light. There was nobody on the stair, which went up ahead of him along the left wall. A door opened down the hall in the wall on the right. He went toward it swiftly, on tiptoe…She turned and gave him her amused look. Mr. Martin pulled himself together. ‘Scotch-and-soda will be all right,’ he heard himself say. He could hear her laughing in the kitchen. Mr. Martin looked quickly around the living room for the weapon….”



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