Quoting Poets

Hello readers of World Of Actions & Reactions! Today I will not be sharing a poem, but I will be sharing two quotes by a poet that goes by Edith Sitwell.

“The reader must not sit back and expect the poet to do all the work.” -Edith Sitwell

“Everything which opens out to us a new world is bound to appear strange at first.” -Edith Sitwell

These two quotes to me are motivations. As a poet or a person who reads poems, you’d want to be someone who finds a poem relatable. If it’s somewhat relatable you’d want to read more of it. Having an interest in the poem just makes you want to dig more deeper into it and find a deeper meaning to why the poet wrote the poem. After reading these two quotes by this poet, it just makes me see my world in a different views. Meaning, I’d go through my normal day, but in a different mood, having a different vision, a different meaning to go along with my day.

So basically, take these two quotes and apply it to yourself. I’d like to know where it leads you.



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