Post-Modernism, High Fantasy, & the end of Heteronormaty

Good evening fellow bloggers!! I am going to be focusing on the post modern era and an excerpt from some of my writing today. As technology advances, I notice movies becoming less popular than TV shows. It is almost as though movies don’t quench the thirst of today’s society.

Not only is TV becoming more popular but we see Hollywood becoming less white and hetero-normative dominated. More and more minorities are FINALLY being given the spot light. One of these post-modern shows that specifically caught my eye is The Magicians.

My excerpt:

The basis of the show is a modern day earth with magic from another world. Throughout the show the protagonists travel from earth through other worlds by magic. By using realistic characters whose only problems, at the start of the series, are the stress of getting into their choice of graduate school, viewers get a sense of the magic realism. We connect with the characters instantly because of how similar their world is until—the laws of physics start to become blurred. Not only is the magic realism clear, but there is a group of protagonists that band together as the series progresses. Having more than one protagonist allows viewers to have options for who they want to connect with. This variation of connections allows us to take different messages away from the show resulting in a bigger audience. We also see that the protagonists break away from the typical hetero-normative story-line. We are refreshed with characters that have a blurred sexuality which fits in with pop culture. Society is starting to accept different sexualities into the public light. Thus, we see this acceptance spill over into the entertainment industry. I think it’s important and beneficial that the Post Modern era is pushing to fix what modernism was unsuccessful in doing.”

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest checking it out. The first season is on Netflix.



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