Poetry Wednesday’s

Hello readers of World Of Actions & Reactions! Welcome back to another Poetry Wednesday! Today I will be sharing a free-write that I did recently. I wrote this free-write because during my shift at work I was hearing a group of students singing and rapping to person that created his own beats. Their topics were just vulgar and dissatisfying to the ear. All they talked about was making love to women in inappropriate ways, making money, and making fun of others who aren’t “like them.” So sharing this, it may not have a specific meter or a genre, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide where it goes.


All you do is talk about girls and how big your dick is,

But if you think about it,

You can’t even get them digits.


Every thing we say is turned away,

Cause you think we’re midgets?

Not to be mean, but you wanna talk about the real shit,

I can show you how to be on the real shit.


All you do is talk about being this sex addict,

But I can change your girl to be my kind of ad-dict-tion.

She could be the woman I be striving for,

You know I’ll be the one holding her door.


A hardworking woman, working 9 to 5,

Hearing this you’d probably never survive.

You can smoke, you can drink. But where’s your money coming from?

I shouldn’t know this, but your words are just another conundrum.



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