Love Poem

Welcome back to another Poetry Wednesday! We all know that Valentines day was yesterday, I hope we all had a splendid time. I know that love can be shown in many different ways. It can be shown towards your significant other, family, pets and so on. We have this idea that Valentine’s day is a day that we show some sort of affection to them, but why can’t they feel special like that day everyday? Today I’m going to be sharing a poem of mine that I have written about “Love.”

From the way that she sees me,

I know that she wouldn’t believe me.

The way I look at her,

Makes me want to hold her.

She wouldn’t make me her man

Cause I may just be another one of her fans.


All it took was a simple “Hello”

and from that day, I knew I wanted her

When she smiles, I’d smile back

When she talks, I’d talk back

And when she laughs I’ll laugh back.


She’s the only one to make my day

And since then I’d pray,

That from the moment she ever has doubts

I know I’d be able to put her back on our route.



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