Happy VD!

I really wanted to write something witty about Valentines day. Maybe I’d have gone with something that highlighted how stupid it is that we have commercialized this “holiday” and every other holiday for that matter, and how by buying your loved ones overly priced chocolates and roses is just giving in to a corporations ploy at making money off others insecurities (as they so often do). I have decided against this route of action, however,  because I feel that you are most likely very aware of those facts. Also, I was wary against coming off as one of those “I hate Valentines Day” t-shirt wearing type of people that are bitter simply because they have no significant other to share the various brainwashing activities with. But to be completely honest, today has felt like any other day to me as I’m sure it did to many. Today that doesn’t bother me at all, but I remember when i was younger Valentines Day made me feel so utterly rejected sometimes. It was like some sort of sick competition to see who was most liked, admired, and who would get the most gifts. It made me think that you needed others approval in order to be satisfied with yourself, and in your dorky middle school years not many were given that approval by their peers. What I really want to do this VD is support self love and admiration. Buy yourself something nice, take yourself out to dinner, masturbate! Honestly two isn’t always better than one. You gotta love you.

So Happy VD! (Valentines Day or Venereal Disease, you decide!) ❤

-Hannah Rose


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