A Father’s Loving

Welcome back to Poetry Wednesdays! For this Wednesday I’ll be sharing a poem by Robert Hayden called Those Winter Sundays.


I found out about this poem in my English Writing class. With this poem, it makes me think about my very own parents. When I was young my parents would always wake up early in the morning and get the house warm, get our clothes ready for school, wake us up, and even make us breakfast. Never have I spoke indifferent towards them, but as time gradually went on, I did it once I started junior high. Although my parents would do this for my siblings and I, we never once told them we loved them, but instead we showed gratitude. Now that I’m getting older, I tend to now understand why they would do these things for us and even when they’re tired in the mornings, they would always round up the energy to make sure we’re good before themselves.

So here are some questions of mine, have you ever just thought about calling your parents one day and just tell them that you loved them? or have you ever just sat them down and looked at them in the eyes with no words or sound and just look at each other?




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