Charlie Chaplin Saves the World


I understand that in the current political climate we have here in the U.S. the last thing anybody wants to hear about is politics. It does nothing but divide people and ruin family dinners, right? Well, yes, but that is besides the point. The point is that regardless of how sick we all are with politics, politics isn’t going anywhere. Hence my fascination with the field. Every major decision in our society has been political. Wars are fought over politics, people die, entire countries get upended. All these events, all these decisions, they all involve politics.

That is the basis for why I care about what goes on in the world. To me it is the responsibility of a good citizen to stay informed and active in all levels of government. What puts people off of politics however is all of the negativity associated with it. We need inspiration. We need leaders.

But how do we renew interest in politics? How do we get people excited, dare I say optimistic about government? Well, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have some corny saying to make you feel better about what you see on the news. Luckily, Charlie Chaplin did. In his first talking film, The Great Dictator, Chaplin delivers one of the most inspiring speeches on the importance of liberty that we as a culture have. To me, it is the groundwork for the democracy we need. It may not be the cure-all for the pessimism I see today, but it’s a start.



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