Friday night lights: Raising a teenager

Hello friends!

Just a quick introduction for now. My name is Derek. Father of 4, small business owner, active LDS member, and full time student. Yeah, if your wondering the answer is no, there is not enough hours in the day…. You have tripped across my weekly blog post series “Friday Night Lights” where I will spotlight every Friday an interaction that has caught my eye. This week is focused on my daughter Hailey. A very fun, spunky, and creative 14 year old that is learning each day about the world we live in. Recently she posted a picture on instagram which I have copied below. She has since edited it but her original post had a caption titled “had fun with my hoes”. After seeing this post I quickly had her change it, upon confronting her she had honestly thought that the phrase Hoes meant “like chill friends” in her words. I am floored with the way I have seen so many times a teenager  blindly taking a phrase and using it without fully understanding what it even means . I feel like I might be fighting and I winnable war here. Until next week!




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