Poetry Wednesday’s

Hello! I’m Jackson and I’ll be your weekly Wednesday blogger. What I really like to do is read & write poetry and spoken words. The inspiration that made me want to start writing my own pieces was because of Fong Tran, an advocate for supporting the youth to strive for higher education. And with that I’ll be sharing the poems that I read with you all, along with my initial thoughts.

Here is one of the first piece I made last summer for students that were fresh out of High School coming into Sacramento City College.

The things I have said in the past, I probably forgot

They tell me I’m suppose to be standing here, when I’m suppose to be there

Sitting in those chairs just like you are,

I’m just another student.

So what can I say to prove that I’m not just some student whose going to pass by like everyone else?


I’m here to make a difference,

I’m here to make a change,

See I’m not here to preach but to repeat.

Repeat the words of my parents telling me,

to get my college degree

While we’re all living here in poverty.


Everyone here is saying to “fuck bitches and get money”

But this misdirection of a True character sits uncomfortably

with the pillow placed on their face so ruggedly

Without a friend to be in their company


I can walk through these halls getting by,

But what was the point?

I can’t imagine myself why I didn’t expand my horizons

Or go that extra mile to be who I deserve to be.

This is all easier said than done,

Life is going to continue anyway.

So why are you waiting for an opportunity to pass by your plate?

Lets make a change.


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