All the Light We Cannot See

Welcome back to Thirsty Thursday!! Being an English major, I try to read as much as I can. There is so much knowledge in literature and always something to be learned. With that said, I just completed The Alchemist and now I am reading All the Light We Cannot See. For those unaware of what All the Light We Cannot See is about, I will give a short introduction.

The Story focuses around a blind girl–Marie-Laure Leblanc–and an orphan boy–Werner Pfennig. Leblanc has a replica of Paris to help her really see the city due to her inability to use her actual eyes. Her father innovates and shows her how to see with her hands instead. He also teaches her to be independent and to rise above sticky situations. Specifically being that her and her father must flee Paris when the Nazi begin to occupy it. They head for her uncles house in the walled citadel of Saint-Malo. This is where the story begins.

As I get more and more connected with Leblanc, I am finding that I can sometimes forget that a world exists outside of my own world. I also find that instead of kicking rocks there is something to be said about innovation in life.

Back to the story… Werner. An orphan boy later turned Nazi as a result of his expertise in creating and repairing apparatuses. With little to no knowledge of the outside world this orphan boy just goes with the flow that is the Nazi. However, as the story treads on we find that Werner starts to think more and more for himself. He also starts to question what he is doing and what the Nazi’s are doing to others….

Eventually Werner’s and Leblanc’s stories will intersect.

Reading further and further into the book, I start to treasure my life and the people in it more and more. In addition to my new found love for my surroundings, I also am reminding myself daily about how important it is to be kind. Just be kind. Even more now than ever.




Let Them Eat Cake

I got a job! My first real job! This 19 year old utterly inexperienced girl got a real paying job! After suffering for the past 3 weeks of having an awful virus that led to bronchitis and me being loopy off codine for the last 7days or so, things are finally starting to look up. If you want to watch me fumble around on my first day at the job come down to Let Them Eat Cake in Davis from 3:30-6:30 pm! It’s the cutest little bakery with the best chocolate cupcakes ever (in my opinion).

Love always

-Hannah Rose


Hello Virtual Friends:

Today, I would like to take a moment to blog about a topic that is both important and healthy for us all to experience in our lifetimes: Life, Love, and Happiness.  Life is such a beautiful thing. It is the reason why we all work hard to create memories, that will carry on after our departure. Love is such a good feeling, that allows people to connect and experience in some form, shape, or fashion. Last but not least, Happiness, the ability to be happy gives you a reason to smile and wake up in the morning focused on a brighter day. Life, Love, and Happiness, is the overall meaning of Gratitude. So, this weekend I would like you all to take a moment to comment what you are thankful for in life.



Welcome back to TT

Good morning fellow bloggers,


I have a short post today but since we have a four day weekend I figured a prompt for you writers might be something that will interest you for the long weekend. I work in a restaurant and I find it interesting watching the interactions between parents, children, and employees. I find it specifically interesting that some families barely interact anymore because of the overpowering cultural fascination with technology. Everyday I notice more and more families staring at their phones in public when with other people. I am curious to know all of your thoughts pertaining to the subject.


So feel free to reply to this prompt:

Phone etiquette in public.


Happy VD!

I really wanted to write something witty about Valentines day. Maybe I’d have gone with something that highlighted how stupid it is that we have commercialized this “holiday” and every other holiday for that matter, and how by buying your loved ones overly priced chocolates and roses is just giving in to a corporations ploy at making money off others insecurities (as they so often do). I have decided against this route of action, however,  because I feel that you are most likely very aware of those facts. Also, I was wary against coming off as one of those “I hate Valentines Day” t-shirt wearing type of people that are bitter simply because they have no significant other to share the various brainwashing activities with. But to be completely honest, today has felt like any other day to me as I’m sure it did to many. Today that doesn’t bother me at all, but I remember when i was younger Valentines Day made me feel so utterly rejected sometimes. It was like some sort of sick competition to see who was most liked, admired, and who would get the most gifts. It made me think that you needed others approval in order to be satisfied with yourself, and in your dorky middle school years not many were given that approval by their peers. What I really want to do this VD is support self love and admiration. Buy yourself something nice, take yourself out to dinner, masturbate! Honestly two isn’t always better than one. You gotta love you.

So Happy VD! (Valentines Day or Venereal Disease, you decide!) ❤

-Hannah Rose